We live in a time when practically everything is valid. In all aspects of life there are infinite more options now, than 20, 10 even 5 years ago!

In personal image … just by taking care of some details you start to feel that it can be different, that everything fits.

  1. SHOES

Just by wearing clean, actual, and careful l … it already fits! It seems easy, but it will not be so much if we look at our shoecloset. It is the tool with which we walk through life. It is worth giving it the importance it has. It is the feet that physically move us, taking us where we want to go and our shoesWALK with us.Invest attention, time, all you can, in walking beauty through your feet.

Invierte atención, tiempo, todo lo que puedas, en tu caminar en belleza a través de tu pies.


It does not matter so much whether it is fashionable or not, as that it is in good condition. When we go out we carry the most important things in our handbag. The wallet with money (symbol of prosperity), and all the important plastics that identify us, the mobile (communication tool), glasses (to see better), the keys to our home (where you rest, enjoy and you are yourself ) and also our work (where we struggle for our dreams or find our reality), personal care kit, etc … There is almost nothing as important as the bag. You can define both your image and your personality

Invest your attention, time, everything you can, into prosperity through your handbag.


The maximum expression of who we are and how we treat ourselves. Assume that it needs care and attention like the rest of you. Learn to take care of it in your day to day and give it the maximum of care and attention. It is still a part of your body. It is not less important than the rest of the care that your body deserves. And once treated as it deserves, use it for good ends! To be yourself and go after what you want through the movement and infinite game that your hair can give you!

Invest attention, time, all you can, into the the strength and character your hair transmits.


In all its categories. Earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings … Another important expression of who we are. Look for what fits your image of beauty. With what you want to convey. With who you really are. They can be the definitive touch of elegance and harmony.
It varies. Learn the richness in variety! I do not mean that you need to have lots of earrings, but have several possibilities. Make yourself shine! Whether it is by color, shape or material. Dare, SHINE! Invest attention, time, all you can, in brightness and color through the complements.


Although it sometimes difficult to accept, make-up is bueeeeeno! Make is very good. Even just a little. But above all, especially in those days that come heavy or dark … Bring joy to your eyes by lavishing love and attention to your face. How many times have we looked into a mirror and said: “I look horrible”. That can not be! That thought must be avoided in everyway! At least when you look in the mirror, smile at your image. And that smile will always support you. But aside from those days, always put on your make up for special occasions that surely are many more than you believe. Invest your attention, time, all you can, to brighten your day with a beautiful vision of yourself.


Five Top Tips for your day to day life and remember: Look for inspiration, imagine that you too can …Make a habit out of beauty.

Cinco Tips de Tops  para vuestro día a día y recordad:

Observa para buscar inspiración, imagina que tú también puedes …

crear de la belleza un hábito.