Hi all,

Today, together with Francesca Piñol we will talk about the importance of clothing care and about the symbols that provide us with information on how to care of it.

Have you ever stopped to read the inner labels of your clothes?  The one sewn on the side by the inside… These labels provide a lot of interesting and essential information.  In addition to the name of the Company, we can learn about the composition of fibres, where it has been made, as well as recommended care and treatment.

We will now share with you the most relevant and common symbols that can be found in these labels. Those most common provide information on the washing, drying and ironing.

Most common symbols are:


Delicate garments, silk and wool, can be washed at home and in a washing machine, using the wool program.

The wool program involves low temperature, short wash and no spin.  By default is comes programmed with all these features.

Drying of woollen garments is best in horizontal.  And silk may be hanged vertically. It is better to use a hanger so that we avoid marks of the clothing tweezers. For delicate garments, we can use the same system.

If the laundry is not very dirty or does not need a strong wash you can use the wool program which is very useful for all types of fibres and garments.

Being a short and soft program, it extends the life of our clothes.  It improves quality and respects pattern avoiding deforming. We enhance it if accompanied by the use of a specific soap for delicate garments…

Just as we take care of our body and our image of beauty, we tidy up at home and other details in our life, we also have to take care of our clothes.  

Our garments, with care and affection… AboutFabrics