Hello InsPirados … Today is a special day in which immersed in the intensity of the new collection production and sailing in the depths of this new project, I have found some quotations that someone said one day and I wrote at the celphone, where important things are kept now a days. Whether it’s the shopping list or the pending items, like things that catch your eye and you do not want to lose. There where one day I pointed out these three sentences that caught my attention.

«Our main weakness is to abandon. The safest way to be success is to try it once more. »

(Thomas Edison)

«Daring to live is the task. And it is allowed to fail in it. And success is allowed. «


“Create a habit out of beauty”

(Cristina Pellafranco)

I want to have the new collection finished and that you can enjoy it !!!!!!!!!! COME ON !!!!!!!!