After years of designing my own brand of clothing, with establishment in the emblematic Borne neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​in addition to having points of sale all over Spain, I decided to take some time for my personal affairs, and also to study and investigate thoroughly Sociological, psychological and artistic aspects of the fashion world, in order to educate me better and better, both personally and professionally.

One day, after this time, someone asked me what I liked the most. I closed my eyes and, no doubt, I answered that: when I observe the people I discover that there are no ugly people, but handsome incognito waiting to reveal themselves. I see a huge potential of beauty in each person and I can easily figure out how to make the most of the possibilities of one.

I use my experience and knowledge in the world of fashion and image advice as tools to help people look for that aspect of themselves more in line with what they really are and feel inside. The purpose is to make the people manifest their best image of beauty and harmony, the one that makes them feel safe, plethoric and.

As a creator I am, I base my inspiration on an optimistic and positive life philosophy. I am nourished by the forces of the universe, by the energy of the seasons; The color and purpose that each of them brings with them. I perceive all that surrounds me full of inexhaustible ideas that I translate into fashion, philosophy of dress and creation of beauty.

I support myself in the trends of each season, as a means to then carry out my own special way of making and creating trend.vc_column_text]

On a personal level, I fully trust in the flow of life and drink from the sources of my time, taking an interest in what happens in the world and sharing my life experiences, in order to carry out my purpose of professional fulfillment and my offering to the Universe:

Create beauty a Habit