Hello Inspirados!

Today is a good day to admit envy. But why?! What does it mean? I will explain with a personal example that has served as experience for my work.

Many clients ask me how they can know what their ideal beauty image is, how to find it. I always answer by sharing what I have learned to do in my own search …: by looking for it. Searching, searching and searching. I watched others; the things I liked in other people. All the details that caught my attention, ways of dressing, or ideas. Not only did they produce envy in me, but they got into me, without almost my knowing sparkling a process of gestation in me in response to the deep internal desire and enthusiam of my search for beauty.

1) I observe and admire: How cool, what good it looks on her, what style, what grace in the way she carries herself!

2) I observe and Envy: I want that for me, I want it I want it I want it!

3) I think and I doubt: Will it fit me? Where can I get it? Will I dare?

4) I feel and visualize: I make it mine, I imagine how it will look, I imagine how to combine it with my own style … and I feel great.

5) I search and find: With that image, that idea, that «it is possible» for me, I find what I am looking for because I automatically have all the antennas in acction.

6) Confidence and Change: I did it!

The lesson: ENVY IS GOOD !!

Really! I think that we never envy anything that we can not achieve and that is why I not only like it but also it marks a goal and the confidence that I too can have it, or achieve it.

If you are looking for your own best image of yourself: observe and will find,