Hello Inspired Today is a good day to lay down your cards, the intense, the learned and

what remains to be learned in this business.

I recognize that this comeback to design a collection to sell it has two sides.

One side, mature, nourished with experiences and learning that have been transformed

into a very beautiful, easy to carry, natural, fresh, elegant, original, current and very

supportive collection. A few lines, on which as always I base my patronage, so that they

it feels good on everybody. So that everyone feels BEAUTIFUL. This mature side, is the

one that has eased things enormously. The one that gives me an extraordinary strength

and an absolute confidence in which is my way …

The other side is the novelty! Of the sale online, of the blog, of the social networks …

The one that looks with illusion but that also is lost in a new world. The one that does not

know but is enthusiastic about the challenge! Enthusiastic about getting head on into the

new trends in sales and communication. Fascinating and exciting world! An intense

challenge, but also a powerful progress! What a great "you" to enter from head to toe!

Little by little the two sides of this moment that I am living are coming together and

gradually I have a glimpse of a future that I yearn for and excites me, without losing my

present and while honoring my past.

See you soon.