Hi InsPirados … Today is a special day because it is already AUTUMN !!!!!

What a joy TO MEET each season change with all its proposals. Not only the change of weather and energy, but also fashion through new proposals of shapes and colors!

This photo is a butterfly-leaf I made in the Santillana del Mar Zoo,  north of Spain, this summer.

It is a picture that reflects what this season means to me so well!!! What better than a leaf to represent autumn and what better symbol of transformation into beauty than a butterfly.

Autumn is undoubtedly the best time for letting go!

On an emotional level, I take advantage of the strength of autumn to check on my attitude, my caracter, the outdated patterns that are outdated or no longer useful or, relationships …

On a material level, I take advantage of the energy of detachment to check my house and empty what no longer serves, what is not used; What is outdated

On a  professional level, I check my wardrobe. Getting rid of the things I have not used for a year, the things that do not fit  me right now; clothes that do not make me feel comfortable with myself. I take time to try out all my closet and see how everything is ready to start a new season. Aware that my purpose of detachment entails an internal change that will be reflected on the outside. Observing that nothing is the same, and I am not the same person I was last fall, there is change, always.

I look in the mirror with the clothes I have and try to be consistent with myself: be true to who I want to be! I look into my eyes through the mirror so my gaze will support me in the quest for that consistency!