Hi InsPirados … Today is a special day because I come back to my dreams! I hold close so as not to loose them!!!! I go sail on them again and enjoy doing what I like to do. No matter how much it costs, no matter how many resistances  or how many self-sabotages, nevertheless I feel lucky to be able to dedicate myself to something that makes me so happy! Something that comes easily to me and gives me so much personal satisfaction. I wish everyone could do the same!

To start the day, I have soaked in beautiful and colorful fabrics for the winter 2017 on the STIBBCN. I congratulate the organization; Also the design and slogan of the campaign. «… dressing your skin«

And then to add another dose of joy and satisfaction to the day …

We started the prototypes … resuming my dreams and their reason for being. Happy to start creating again !! NON STOP !!! Happy to MAKE A HABIT OUT OF BEAUTY!