Hello InsPirados… Today is a special day because; it is Spring’s first day! WHAT A NICE SEASON. Welcome Spring!

Really, for me, all seasons are nice. I would be lying if I say I have a favourite one, because I like them all. Each season has something special to offer. I try to enjoy and make the most of their particularities…. Well, the same as with life of course! What can I tell you; at least we have to try it!

I do not think there is anyone that does not like spring. How can we not like it with all those flowers showing up all their beauty, freshness and colorus. This spectacular explosion of strength and colour. AWAKENING AND RENOVATION energy.

Come on spring, here I am…

Ready to BLOOM!!!!

And, as I always say, it is nonsense to believe that all these solstices, equinoxes, changes in Schedule, hours of light, habits to which we adapt in a way or another are not necessary accompanied by special energies with special purposes for each season. As well as there is no point in believing that trends governing fashion are not influenced by all the strength and impulse by which we are surrounded.

This spring appearing before my eyes is Spectacular. Moreover, it comes accompanied by colours, forms and lines that will undoubtedly help us with our new purposes, achievements and dreams for this equinox.

We must not forget the importance of following the trend of each season. We have to make it ours, adapting it to our personal style. Do not forget, if it is here it is for a reason. However, we must take the items that go with our style and adapt them to our needs for the season, to support our Project, our dreams.

This spring brings us a variety of beautiful colours such as: Niagara (like the river water), Lapis blue (intense and strong blue), Flame (flame, oranged red), Greenery (spring green), Kale (just as the healthy and fashionable vegetable), Pimrose Yellow (as the sun), or Hazelnut (neutral) amongst others…

However, remember that leaning on trend, we build our own image of beauty.
“Creating a Habit from Beauty”