Today is a good day to start a blog! And what better way to start it than with a wedding! My wedding!

Not much to say, just the certainty of what you feel, what you want to do, what your whole being demands of you, with all your might. Confident that it is the path! Feeling that this is what you want; to be consistent … so challenging !!!!

We made our vows:

«I marry you because when I imagine the rest of my days lying next to you, I imagine myself happy! Because when I imagine walking next to you the rest of my days, I imagine myself safe! And because when I imagine the rest of my days loving, I love you.

I promise to try to grow together and support you. To respect your space, your values ​​and your beliefs. And to want to know you more and more, accepting you, listening to you, understanding you.

I love you for who you are, for what we are together, for what we have built.

And I love you for all that remains to be built together «… and to all this … what did he say?!?! Well, not only did he say the same, but he also gave himself in body and soul to fulfill all my wishes and to make this step that we took, one of the most incredible days that I have ever lived !!!

My wedding made everything I know flourish before me, what I feel, what I think!

And a beautiful challenge! Above all professional!!

How DIFFICULT to design and decide the image for oneself for such an occasion! Precisely because the possibilities that arise are endless! I could be creating and perfecting up to infinity…


But above all, I advise myself on one of the most important days of my life. A day when you want to bring out  the best of yourself. To be your own client as a designer and as an image consultant … buf! The same questions that come up in my counseling interviews also come to me, and often, but especially on that day, they take on another dimension! What do you want to convey? What makes you feel good? What do you like about yourself? How do you get your outer image to convey how you feel inside? How to convey that explosion of love, joy, trust and happiness that you feel inside!

And although I had the unconditional support of the women of my life … in the end, what counted most was what I felt. That which I repeat over and over again to my friends, my clients. Do you feel good about what you are wearing? Do you fell fulfilled? When you look at yourself in the mirror do you think: «wow»? And when you imagine with that look do feel uplifted, beautiful? What you really are? Are you consistent with yourself?

And who judges that in the end? You!!! Only you can feel if you have succeded. Only you know if you are consistent with who you are and how to convey it.

And you know you got it because YOU FEEL GOOD! SOOO GOOD !!!