Hello InsPirados… some days ago I atended a workshop on Trends and Creativity which was extremely rewarding.

On one hand, I reaffirmed the importance of bearing in mind the trend.

On the other hand, I was impressed by the contents, or at least by what I mostly retained. Some of the key Words which it seemed to me that I was “hearing in bold”.



SALUD, BIENESTAR, desde dentro hacia fuera…


Did you know, that there is people specialized in searching, defining, transmitting, each year’s trend?

What do we understand, or what do companies understand by trend? It is as its Word indicates, the course, the direction, the behaviour pattern of humanity (very summarized).

How do they find out?  These companies study our behaviour in all actions of our daily life (economy, art, consumption, attitudes, emotions, habits…), compare those with past times and then establish a possible trend for the future.

You will be wondering if this means that these companies decide on all of us? No need to take it so far….  Trends are part of our environment and are guided not only by brands but also by architecture, art, economy, diet, hobbies… However, one thing is clear; in the end, we create it ourselves. They do not govern us, we ourselves draw our destiny, who we are and how we behave.

Do we have to listen to them? Again, I would say that there is no need to take it so far. As I always say, trend is universal, it is there and we can fight with it and / or go against it or we can benefit from it, flow and make it ours… again, it depends on us.

Broadly, there were four defined groups:

PATHFINDERS, solar impulse.  Looking for new lights rising at dawn, they dream a gold heart that fades from the inside. Intuitive and intelligent. Surrounded by round shapes, spirals, stars, flowers and seeds. They want to change things, with a new look.

SOLUTIONIST, who want to change things looking forward and stop whining.  Natural, mutant, strange, but sensual and sweet.  They look for and enjoy silence.  They appreciate organic shapes, vegan food, and they take health as a tool. Sportswear is their must to look for well-being.

LUXOCRATES, Comics and entertainment gamers.  They are singular, dressed up delirious! Short-term thinkers.  “Feel good products”. Grafism and futurism in constructions.

CONTEMPORARY, they are reasonable, minimal, hyper conceptual.  From the outskirts. Geometry and simple things in their forms. They look for nothingness, the elemental.  Absence and emptiness. Wandering.  Military colours.

And regarding CREATIVITY

In a roundtable with four people from different disciplines, all agreed that creativity “falls from up there” and that you have to be working on it for it to fall on your desk. And in particular working on what you like most. Open and perceptive to what your profession and vocation is, and make it a way of life.

And as a conclusion, the last sentence that I most retained:

“Those who are more flexible and know how to adapt themselves, will be those surviving in the future”

This is with all that I am going to work with.  At cristinapellafranco we all also look for the well-being.  Through new trends, soul needs and through outer beauty and an expression of inner beauty.  That is the base of cristinapellafranco.com philosophy.
“Create a Habit from Beauty”